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The vision and mission of the generation

Our Vision: To see our Country Ethiopia where there is justice and a Country where the rule of law prevails. Also the new generation becomes a generation that loves their Country and their people by becoming eligible good citizens to take over and preserve the history of our generation and pass it onto the generation after them.

Our Mission: By collaborating with groups, who work for the continuity of our history, gather the evidence of our martyrdom that was paid by the generation. And also in order for the generation to be remembered throughout history we will establish a memorial and help and take care of people of the generation who sustain various kinds of damages.

What encouraged us to establish the organization of the generation?

  • Because of the history our fallen comrades, especially who lost their lives for EPRP (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party), has not been properly written.
  • Our conscience asks us always, who are still alive, that we have not fulfilled the promise we made to our fallen comrades to finish the struggle as winners.
  • The need for members of that generation, who are still alive who sustain physical and mental damages, to help one another and talk about our social issues.
  • Because we are still alive are able to take care of our parents, but we are unable to take care of the parents and the children of the members of the generation who lost their lives.
  • Even though we members of the generation have the ability and the experience to accomplish many national issues it is not right to continue scattered without doing anything, and also discuss on those issues that come next that could concern us.
  • Because of the need to protect ourselves against people who are on smearing campaign and who are revising the history of members of our generation who fought under EPRP for unlimited democratic rights.
  • Because of the need to lay foundation to narrow the gap between the generation and the next generation so that the next generation will understand our history and learn from it.
  • In general, to create satisfaction for our conscience since we did not see the change we died for we always live without knowing fulfilled happiness, etc.

እትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር!!!

Long Live Ethiopia!

......ያ ትውልድ......
ታሪካችሁ ህያው ነው!

The Generation is Immortal!


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