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Ethiopia Addis Ababa, Higher 19 Derg Red Terror Participants

No Name Position Remarks
1 Dawit Gebru H19 Cadre 20/25 Year in Jail
2 Mekonnen Bekele Taye H19 Chairman RT Head 15/19 Year in Jail
3 Tolosa Jefar Debela H19 Revolution Gurd 15/19 Year in Jail
4 Asefa Dese Ayenew H19 Member 15/19 Year in Jail
5 Embakom Zerfu Genaw H19 K49 Chairman 15/19 Year in Jail
6 Cpt. Abera Yazew Wakjira H19 K49 Revolution Gurd 15/19 Year in Jail
7 Berele Teshome Adis H19 Revolution Gurd 15/19 Year in Jail

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Long Live Ethiopia!

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