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Ethiopia Addis Ababa, Higher 10 Derg Red Terror Participants

No Name Position Remarks
1 Eskindir GebreMedhin H10 Cadre Sentenced to life in jail
2 Kenfe Chekol Tesema H10 From AEWU  20/25 Year in Jail
3 Fekade Bahru Tase H10 Chairman 20/25 Year in Jail
4 Milkesa Gutema H10 V/Chairman 20/25 Year in Jail
5 Teshome Demere H10 K13 Revolution Gurd 20/25 Year in Jail
6 Aschenaki WeldeMariyam H10 K18 Revolution Gurd 20/25 Year in Jail
7 Mulugeta Goshu Mengistu H10 RT Member 15/19 Year in Jail
8 Zerihun Tesfaye Nagi H10 Torturer 15/19 Year in Jail
9 Gezahegn Metaferiya Abole H10 K13 V/Chairman 15/19 Year in Jail

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